Who We Are

LatinoLEAD is a cross-sector consortium of Latinos working together to advance our collective influence, success and power. Our members include corporate, civic, non-profit, business and academic leaders. We strive to increase our knowledge on pressing issues facing Latinos in Minnesota, spotlight successes and cultivate LatinoLEAD as a respected force of influence.

Our mission

Latino leaders across all sectors join together to create innovative strategies to drive and define policies and perceptions that advance Latino collective influence, success and power.

Guiding principles

Our actions, interactions, and reactions within the context of this consortium will reflect and demonstrate our core values — both as outward facing values to the greater communities we serve as well as inward facing in the manner in which we collaborate with each other so as to innovate solutions for the most pressing challenges before us.

History & background

In February of 2013, Luz Maria Frias, Vice President, Community Impact at The Minneapolis Foundation and Mike Fernandez, Corporate Vice President at Cargill, initiated dialogue around joining forces in the forming of a Latino leadership group.

Over the course of the next several months, Latino leaders and professionals came together to begin defining the group’s organizational framework. Informal meetings and discussions began to move the group towards a more formal structure. Surveys and questionnaires were initiated, input was solicited from would-be “members,” and other national organizations looked to as potential models.

This foundational work led the process of organizing, studying, shaping and synthesizing the diverse opinions, ideas and desires to arrive at a vision for what this group can or should be.

Since its formation, the collective group identified key areas of focus and in 2015 formal action teams were created. Several members joined their team(s) of choice:

  • Communications/Marketing
  • Education
  • Perception
  • Promoting Leadership
  • Public Policy
  • Young Professionals


Luz María Frías, Vice President, Community Impact, The Minneapolis Foundation

How we work

The full LatinoLEAD membership meets bi-monthly to address topics of importance to the Minnesota Latino community.

Action teams also meet regularly to address their areas of focus, with ongoing efforts by team members to take action on agreed-upon initiatives.

Minneapolis Foundation role

LatinoLEAD is an initiative established by The Minneapolis Foundation. It is currently located in the Foundation offices, where it receives staff support and resources.

Our sponsors & community partners

We are also supported by the Twin Cities business and nonprofit sectors as they strive to attract and retain Latino professionals in their organizations. We are grateful to have their support. We particularly thank our primary funders, including the Bush Foundation, the Northwest Area Foundation and The Minneapolis Foundation for their support.

Core Values – LEAD

These four key words reflect the core values of LatinoLEAD members.


We advance Latino collective influence, success and power in Minnesota.


We promote equity, access and participation for all Latinos.


We embrace an asset-based view of Latino culture and achievement.


We are informed by business diplomacy models as a way to implement values-based, ethical leadership.