Action Teams

LatinoLEAD has established six action teams; Perception, Communications/Marketing, Promoting Leadership, Public Policy, Education and Young Professionals. Each team has identified actionable items along with short and long-term goals.

LatinoLEAD member José González is managing our Action Teams and welcomes your interest in joining a team. Kindly send José an email expressing your interest. Email to:


Create a more positive stream of stories about our Latino communities that show our contributions and successes in our own voices.


Develop communications and marketing strategies to advance LatinoLEAD as a respected force of influence and to strengthen Latino communities.

Promoting Leadership

Provide opportunities to connect with other Latino leaders from the community and help Latinos advance into positions of leadership and influence.

Public Policy

Identify and advocate on behalf of strategies, policies, regulations or legislation that impact Latino communities in Minnesota and nationally.

Young Professionals

Recruit, engage and support 18-35 year old Latinos to achieve positions of influence, success and power.